Prices 2019

Prices passes 2019 EARLY BIRD 1 January – 31 March PRESALE 1 April – 30 June NORMAL PRICE 1 Iuly – 31 Iuly
Week Full Pass 131 Euro 142 Euro 153 Euro
Week Party Pass 113 Euro 124 Euro 136 Euro
Weekend Full Pass 86 Euro 97 Euro 117 Euro
Weekend Party Pass 68 Euro 79 Euro 90 Euro


The bracelets for access to the event will be placed by the organizer on each participant.

If the bracelet requires replacement, the original bracelet must be returned to receive a new one in exchange. In the case of losing bracelets you have to pay the full price of another bracelet.

Event participants must always wear bracelets in a visible place.

The organizer reserves the right to check the bracelets of the participants at any time during the event

 For paid but not paid passes, they are not refunded.

The Romanian Salsa Week passes offered as a gift for participating in different festivals in the country or won at different contests are nominal. They can not be transferred to another person’s name and can not be capitalized.

Passes can be upgraded by paying the money difference for the desired pass.

If a person has won multiple passes to different competitions, consider the pass with the highest value.

The passes not earmarked for the event are not rolled over, they lose their validity with the end of the festival.

Week full pass (ensures the entry of a person throughout the event to: dance courses / workshops, 7 thematic parties, 7 pool parties, dance shows, shows, enrollment in contests, access at the pool and allows enrollment at bootcamp) + bonus free acces at 2 concerts live .

Week party pass (valid from 21:00 to 6:00, offers access to shows, 7 thematic parties, live concerts, enrollment in contests organized during the event) + bonus free acces at 2 concerts live .

Weekend full pass (provides one person’s entry throughout the weekend at: dance classes / workshops, 3 theme parties, 3 pool parties, dance shows, shows, enrollment in the contests organized during the event, access to the pool and allows enrollment at bootcamps) – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Weekend party pass (valid between 21:00 – 6:00, offers access to shows, 3 thematic parties, only on Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday).

Prices accommodation package 2019 EARLY BIRD 1 Januarie – 31 March PRESALE 1 April – 30 June NORMAL PRICE 1 Iuly – 31 Iuly
Accommodation 3 stars + full pass (6 nights) 381 Euro 392 Euro 403 Euro
Accommodation 3 stars + full pass ( 7 nights) 411 Euro 422 Euro 433 Euro


The rooms are double or triple with air conditioning and the prices displayed are calculated for 1 place / 1 person.

The price of the package + Week Full Pass is included:

  • an accommodation in the air-conditioned room,
  • week full pass,
  • half board (breakfast and a meal at your choice (lunch or dinner) in self-service at Club D’or).

The half-board card rises from Club D’Or’s reception desk on check-in day and can be used anywhere, except for alcoholic drinks.

The card is handed over at check-out. For a lost card or a room key there is a fee charged at the hotel reception.

The card can be reloaded at the reception of Club D’Or, on its own. The money remaining on the card is NOT refundable.

Breakfast serving times will be adapted to our program.

Check-in at Club D’or at 16:00 and Check-out at 12:00.

There is a possibility that a person stays alone in the room if they pay 2 accommodations + 1 full week pass, without any other discounts.

Reservations will be validated at the time of the advance payment, ie 30% of the package price.

In the event of non-payment of the advance, the booking is considered null and the rooms will be redistributed.

Prices transport 2019 Per person Group minim 4 person
Aeroport Bucharest - festival 150 Euro/person 120 Euro/person
Aeroport Kogalniceanu - festival 75 Euro/person 60 Euro/person


We provide tur-retur transportation on the Bucharest Airport – Festival, for a fee and only during the festival.

The deadline for booking a place is July 15, 2019, with the advance payment of 30% of the price.

The departure and arrival times for the event will be announced in July. Reservations can be made starting with January.

The transport is dedicated to the festival participants, which means that they have already purchased one of the passes available at the event.

Prices concerts 2019 Data Price
Concert La Maxima 79 Orquestra 7 august ora 23:30 250 Ron
Concert bachata Dani J 8 august ora 23:30 250 Ron


Moving the show / event to a place in the same locality is not a reason for reimbursement of the tickets.

The ticket value is not reimbursed if for reasons not related to the organizers, the person who purchased the ticket does not attend the concert.

The person who bought the ticket at the concert may send another person to his place, but with the prior notice of the organizers.

The organizer of the event may refuse to attend a concert of a person in one of the following situations:

  • in an advanced state of intoxication,
  • minors must be accompanied by a legal representative / school instructor where they work,
  •  people under the influence of drugs / hallucinogens,
  • people who hold weapons, sharp or sharp objects, umbrellas, flammable substances, fireworks,
  • people who have aggressive, vulgar and abusive behavior, threats, high tones to other participants in the event or to the organizer’s representatives,
  • access to animals is strictly forbidden.

The Organizer processes personal data about you for the purpose of carrying out legitimate operations and purposes related to the activities, but also to the security of our activity

By attending the event, the participant agrees to be filmed or photographed. These materials can be used for the promotional and marketing purposes of the organizer without any other obligation.

The organizer can not be held responsible for damages and material or other damages.

The entrance to the concert venue is from 22:00.

Prices bootcamp 2019 Artist Price
Bootcamp Salsa Artist 100 Ron/person
Bootcamp Bachata Artist 100 Ron/person
Bootcamp Kizomba Artist 100 Ron/person


BOOTCAMP – UL includes group choreography and her performance on stage.

A person can enroll in a single boot camp.

To participate in the boot camp you must have the Week full pass wristland. 


Day Pass assures a person: dance courses / workshops, access to the pool access to the location is ensured between 09:00 and 20:00 price: 140 RON / person / day and is valid only for the day it is paid.

Night pass (valid between 21:00 and 6:00, offers access to shows, parties):

Monday – 700 Ron / person

Tuesday – 70 Ron / person

Wednesday – 250 Ron / person

Thursday – 250 Ron / person

Friday – 180 Ron / person

Saturday – 180 Ron / person

Sunday – 100 Ron / person

Performer Pass:

Week full pass -75 euro

Week party pass – 65 euro

Weekend full pass – 65 euro

Weekend party pass – 55 euro


At Club D’or, the event location, there is NO accomodation only for the weekend!!!

Reservations can be done only with an advance of minimum 30%.

The advance will NOT be refound !

The prices displayed did not include bank charges. The bank commission is added to the value of the package and will be paid by the buyer.

Payment accounts:



Banca Raiffeisen, Ag. Mall

We recommend checking the availability of services before making any payments.

Confirmation will be made at by sending the payment order.

EURO Exchange Rate = 4,8 RON.


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